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Two Worlds

Virtual art exhibition Two Worlds - 3D Art Gallery

Visual artist Tiina Rahm

My workmanship consist of artistic and technical know-how: I'm mediatechnology engineer (2010) and visual artist (2014). My main ability is producing responsive web design. I also do graphic design and layout for printing products. I have a strong visual skilfulness which consist of photography, image prosessing, digital painting, drawing and painting. I make responsive websites by coding them myself or by Wordpress. I can also do only website layout for customers where he/she can update content. I'll teach how to update content to a website and gladly help if there is some problems.

I have a lot of ideas and I'm not afraid to try new things. I'm really passionate about my work and I love doing it. Best in my work is solving different types of problems and learning constantly new things. Check out my price list and ask for an offer! I reply for every query.

I am also a visual artist whose paintings and other works draw from expressionism and surrealism. The core of my work lies in the insights that take place during the creative process. Starting my work intuitively, I let my crayon or brush wander freely on the canvas. At some point reason begins to follow the automatic, leading me in turn to explore the work's inlying idea. Hence I end up solving a problem I have subconsciously called forth.

What inspires me in surrealism are visual illusions and the hidden nature of the content. This aesthetics of double images comes to me naturally. Common themes in my work are people, space and permutations combining them. Ultimately, a person is a space; and you can perceive these two at one look. At this homepage I tell more closely about some of my creative processes: how the ideas stem; what thoughts and feelings were awakened; what kind of questions I faced during the process, and how those were solved. Check out art processes!

You can find me also at Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.